I am a Jr. Agent for Cyle Young Literary Elite, currently closed for submissions.

For more information about the agency, visit www.cyleyoung.com

Manuscript wishlist

​Suspense, Mystery, Crime Fiction (Adult and YA)

  • Crime and Suspense with atypical heroes - Give me criminals hunting criminals. Give me mob dramas. Give me female crime families. Give me stories where the criminals are the heroes. Vigilantes (Like Oliver Queen from Arrow or the Winchester brothers from Supernatural).

  • Modern mysteries. Give me a chilling story with today's technology, or even a little more advanced than the technology of today. Walk that near future sci-fi edge with a suspenseful mystery.

  • Female sleuths and detectives who are just as likely to be found baking brownies for their children as slapping cuffs on a perpetrator.

  • Quirky and timely humor in the midst of the chaos.

  • Diverse cast of characters and diverse main characters.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy (YA, MG)

  • Diverse characters (supporting cast and protagonists)

  • "Space Westerns" (like the show Firefly or The Mandalorian)

  • Character dynamics like those found in BBC's Merlin

  • Escapism stories handled like BBC's Doctor Who. Sweep me away. Expand our world.

  • Deep world building narrowed in on a single quirky character

  • Unique magic systems

  • Fantasy heist stories or mysteries

In General:

  • Conversational, modern voice

  • Jump into action and explain along the way

Submission Guidelines

Please include in your email to me:

  • Your platform summary and links to your social media (if applicable)

  • A full plot summary

  • Your first three chapters

  • Subject line: ATTN: Jori, Genre, Word Count, Title

  • Send to submissions@cyleyoung.com

Copy/pasted into the email is best, but I also accept Word documents formatted to 12pt, double spaced, Times New Roman.

Thank you!

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