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The Gold of Friendship

There's this plaque in my bathroom, the kind you only possess in order to be somewhat fancy in a mostly non-fancy home. This plaque doesn't really fit in the house. Outside the bathroom there are all sorts of arts and crafts that we made as kids. But mostly, what decorates our walls, are pictures of the great memories we've made. This out-of-place plaque in the bathroom reads, "The gold of friendship is a magic thing. The more we spend it on each other, the richer we become." Since I was a little kid I always thought there was something profound in that simple statement. Of course, that meant that I was that kid that, once I committed those words to memory, said them all the time. People were being mean on the playground in third grade? Bang! The gold of friendship. People were cheating in monkey on the ground? Bang! The gold of friendship! People were bullying others? Bang bang! The gold of friendship, and the golden rule! I was kind of an outcast as a kid. And I don't think that spewing this quote, which nobody knew, helped that. And yet, there is still an amazing amount of profound truth in that little glass plaque's words, whether it comes from the plaque, young me, or older me. Friendship is dear to everyone. I'm sure we've all experienced how restoring a walk in the park with a friend can be. I'm sure we've all noticed that friends are a vital part of life. Humans are made for community. We create that community with friends. The more time we spend with those friends helps us become rich in a sense that is deeper on a soul level than the wealth that comes from money, which is fully tangible. So remember that, now that you've read this little quote. Remember to be kind. Remember to be gracious. When you're feeling down, remember that your friends care about you. And they'd be more than willing to spend some gold on you.

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