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Ten things I'm Thankful for this Thanksgiving

As I mentioned in The Power of Silence, I have learned the value of taking time to do nothing. And in taking time to do nothing, even though I don't do it as often as I like, I have learned to take inventory of myself and to think. So, right now, as I write this, I'm thinking about what I'm thankful for, since Thanksgiving is coming up. So here's a list, and even though it's sort of typical and can be sort of obvious, I always start to think about those pictures we see on Facebook or other social media that say, "If we woke up with only what we thanked God for yesterday, what would we have?" And it makes me wonder how many of us would have a body. So, to start it off, 1. I'm thankful that I have a body that works, complete with fingers, toes, arms, legs, a torso, my brain, and everything else that allows a body to function. 2. I'm thankful for my family and the fun memories we have together. 3. I'm thankful for my friends and all of the fun memories we share. 4. I'm thankful for my car that gets me everywhere I need to go without (most of the time) breaking down. 5. I'm thankful for a sturdy roof over my head, as two years ago in May we had a major roof leak and I was sleeping on the couch for about two months. 6. I'm thankful for my warm, cozy bed, although I never feel like I spend enough time asleep. 7. I'm thankful for my technology, including but not limited to my cell phone, my iPad (where I write everything), my television (so I can numb my brain with entertaining shows), and my computer (so I can format books and be creative with Photoshop). 8. I'm thankful for my cat. She always finds a way to make me laugh, and always shows up when I need a distraction or a comforter. This last year I finally got her to become a lap kitty, and I'm very thankful for her warm cuddles. 9. I'm thankful for clothing, since it gives me a way to express myself in another type of art form. 10. I'm thankful for money, since it provides the capability to maintain and love on all of the things listed above. This is my list of things I'm thankful for. I know there's more, but here's ten that cover the basics. What about you? What are ten things you're thankful for? Take the time this holiday season and maybe write it down and keep it in your pocket. Being thankful is a great way to brighten your mood, and honestly? It's kinda fun.

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