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The Persistence of Snow

Snow is one of the most persistent things I have ever seen. It can fall from the sky for hours and only pile up an inch or two on the ground. All those little molecules frozen and falling until they land on each other, creating piles upon piles that then have to be moved out of the way. But even when it stops falling, snow leaves a very persistent legacy. It stays until the sun comes out and melts it, but then that water can freeze over and become ice, which is much more troublesome than snow ever was. Yet, with all of the technological advances we have in todays world, humans are incapable of stopping it from snowing. It's one of the only things that causes us to take a moment and rest in the warmth of our homes. No matter what we do, we can not prevent it and therefore can not fight it. We just have to wait for it to finish doing its thing, we have to let it pile up, we have to be patient while it continues to fall. Only then can we actually do anything about it. In that way, snow is kind of like life. It just keeps going and there's nothing we can do to stop the bad things from coming or make the good times last longer. And that's not to say that when horrible things happen we should just go belly up and let them destroy us. No! Humans, the amazing thing that humans are, we keep on fighting. We keep on living. Just like the snow keeps on falling. The sheer inevitability of our circumstances does not stop us from creating sleds and using the relentless snow to have fun. That's something I love about humans. We see challenges and, to quote the meme, we reply with, "Challenge accepted," and do our best even if we fail. So if you're looking toward a goal that doesn't seem achievable, remember that the snow doesn't give up. It keeps going, keeps persisting in its goal of covering the ground so that later there will be enough water for things to bloom. And even though there seem to be road blocks, keep persisting. Be like the snow. Just keep going until you accomplish your goal.

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