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Make it Beautiful, Make it Fun

For the last few years I've been telling all of my friends, when they had something they didn't want to do, to make it fun. I thoroughly believe that everything can be made to be fun, if you take the time to enjoy what it is you're doing. For some things it takes a bit more effort to make it enjoyable, but I still believe it's possible. For me, that means that even if I have to take out the smelly garbage I can pretend that I'm taking the ring to Mordor, or if I have to vacuum the floor I'm a scientist collecting dust particles for an experiment. This refers back to Electricity and Imagination because I mentioned the same general thoughts there. With imagination, everything is fun, or enjoyable, or a game. And in that way everything has a habit of becoming beautiful, since the creativity, unleashed by even the mundane act of writing a paper that can become researching for Sam and Dean, or creating a report to save someone's life, can bring beauty and enjoyment to everything. So next time your boss tells you to get something done by a certain date or your teacher insists on assigning you a huge research project or your parents make you do your chores, make it beautiful and make it fun, because then it won't feel like work. And, with 2016 coming up, what better time to decide to make life more fun? Even that New Year's Resolution to exercise becomes fun if you're a spy training for a mission. So make this New Year beautiful, and make it fun. You only get this next year once, so make it count. Have a great year everyone!

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