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Organs are Important

Organs are important. Without organs, our bodies would cease to function as they do. Sure, some organs are not necessary for life, but when you stop and realize that everything in your body depends on everything else, it's easy to start worrying about one thing going wrong and messing up the whole system. Organs are vital for breaking things down and getting nutrients where they're supposed to be. And this is why, when something seems to be going wrong with one of your organs, it is very easy to get a little freaked out. In the middle of April, I began feeling things a little off in my heart. I wrote it off as the effects of caffeine on my overly exhausted body, but then it happened again, and that time I hadn't had any caffeine. I let it run its course, so to speak, and moved on with life. But then it happened again. By this point, I was getting a little freaked out. Hearts are important, and I'm too young for it to be reasonable that I'd be having heart issues. So, I told my mom and we went to the doctor. After many tests we found out that there was nothing mechanically wrong with my heart. It was working as it should. In the process of running those tests, I experienced a lot of different things, like wearing a heart monitor for three days and having my first ultra sound in order to check that all of the valves were opening the correct way. During the three days when I wore the heart monitor, I was faced with the truth of my mortality. Regardless of how young I am, I'm still a human in an often faulty meat-suit, and the reality that I could die was shoved ungracefully into my head every time I looked in the mirror, or sheepishly pressed the button saying I felt a symptom. Hearing that beep of confirmation that meant the machine had recorded that I felt something meant that it was real. I was an eighteen year old dealing with heart problems in the middle of finals week. My concerns weren't exactly on studying for my tests. Thankfully, there was nothing wrong with my heart. But it was, nevertheless, a good reminder that even though I feel unstoppable and immortal, I could sneeze and die in an instant. So let's live life. Let's love people. Let's do things because we can, and let's give because, why not? Our time on Earth is fleeting. Why not make the most of it? So that if, or when, bad news comes our way, we won't regret not doing something. It is very easy to get sucked into a routine and watch life go by. My challenge for you is to see the people you pass. Truly look at them, see into their life for a moment of time. It can make a world of a difference. Organs are important. Let's use them to their full capacity, and live life the way we were meant to: to the fullest.

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