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30 Encouragements for NaNoWriMo

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

NaNoWriMo is nearly upon us. As we near the first of November, many writers of the world will be taking part in a 30 day challenge to write a 50000 word novel.

Enjoy an encouragement for each day, hopefully related to the moments in your novel when you get to them. Happy writing! I'll see you on the other side!

1. Yay! You started! Good job! 2. Still going strong. Way to be. 3000 words done! 3. Don't get behind now. You just began. 4. Look at how much you've written. Way to be! 5. You're doing the improbable. Keep going. 6. Almost done with the first week. No, your story isn't crap. It's going to be beautiful art and I can't wait to read it! 7. Just keep writing just keep writing. 8. Kick the editor out of the room! No edits! Not yet. 9. It's a rough draft. It's supposed to be rough. 10. Oooh, didn't expect your antagonist to be like that. I like it. 11. Yes! Your protagonist is killing it! What happens next? 12. I know writing is hard. You're doing amazingly. 13. Don't throw your computer out the window. You need that. 14. Preparing for the climax yet? You should be... 15. Whoa-oh we're halfway there (whoa-oh) livin' on a prayer... 16. I don't care that it says you'll finish in July. Keep writing. 17. Look how far you've come! You started with nothing! 18. Can you really think about leaving your characters now? They need you! And I want to know what happens next. Put your butt back in the chair. Now write. 19. What's your word count? Tell meeeeee 20. Only ten more days. Keep it up! 21. Have you killed someone in your novel yet? If you're stuck, now might be a good time to kill a character. 22. Oooh, I love what you did with the plot there. I can't wait to know what happens next. 23. Keep writing. You're so so so so so close. 24. What's up with your love interest? Have they made their move? 25. Five more days! You only need to keep this up for five more days. 26. Sleep is for the weak. Get those words down! 27. I can't finish reading your novel if you didn't write it. Write it for me. 28. That was a brilliant line! You're brilliant. Well said. 29. Only a few thousand words left. We're in the home stretch! 30. Wrap it all up! You did it! Yay! You won NaNoWriMo! Due to the intense nature of Nanowrimo, I will not be blogging for the month of November. See you all in December!


J. J. Hanna is a Professional Writing major at Taylor University. In her spare time she makes Youtube Videos and Comics, and practices Karate at a local dojo. If you have a writing question, she'd love to hear from you! Reach out to her on the contact page. She is also looking for freelancing work, so if you have editing, beta reading, or writing needs, please let her know.

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