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I have been trained in writing and editing by some of the best professors in the country, both of which have written and published books and are continually contributing to the writing and editing world. Over those years I reviewed dozens of books, engaged with my peers' novels through Critique Groups, and have content and copyedited multiple books from start to finish. I worked for two years as a literary scout, assisting with acquisitions for a literary agency. I also have over five years of experience in Online Marketing and Social Media Management, and would love to meet and discuss your goals and how you can best achieve them.

I received a BS in Professional Writing from Taylor University in May of 2019, where I was taught not only how to write but also how to edit and proofread. (See my LinkedIn profile for more information on my education, past experience, and skill set.)



The services I offer as a Content Editor are as follows:

  • Edit organization and flow to help your words have the greatest impact

  • If fiction: provide feedback and discuss plot holes and character growth

  • If nonfiction: provide suggestions for arrangement and the procession of your points, so each point flows from one to the next within understandable, logical steps


The services I offer as a Copy Editor are as follows:

  • Working online in a Word document or Google Doc with track changes or suggesting mode enabled, so you have the final say in what edits are made and can see everything I've done, OR working on a hard copy with standard proofreading marks

  • Checking for accuracy in grammar, punctuation, and spelling

  • Helping you make your document readable for your intended audience

  • Using the house style guide of your publisher (provided by you) and/or the Chicago Manual of Style

  • Checking all Scripture references and quotations (where applicable)

  • Placing style tags on your electronic Word document (if desired by your publisher)


The services I offer as a Proofreader are as follows:

  • Working on your electronic document (Word, PDF) or print document to mark all changes through track changes, Adobe Acrobat, or standard proofreading marks, depending on the format of the document

  • Marking spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors

  • Marking typographical errors, if the pages are typeset, and checking for font consistency throughout the document, bad breaks, and stacks

  • Checking for correct formatting of citations in bibliographies


Before I agree to work on a project, please send me 3 sample pages so I can best discuss the project with you.


Beta Reading


The services I offer as a Beta Reader are as follows:

  • Comments and critiques on the general story arc

  • Comments and critiques on characters/character development

  • I will look for plot holes and point out anything that confused me that wasn't answered

  • If there are distracting elements of your writing that take away from the story, I will provide gentle and constructive suggestions.

My preferred genres are YA, Suspense, Fantasy, Crime Fiction, and Mystery/Thriller. Please do not send me Erotica. I will give you my honest opinion as gently (or excitedly, if I love it) as I can. I will not share your writing or discuss it anywhere without your permission, and I will not post a public review unless that is what you want.

**Please note: Beta Reading is not the same as content editing. Content editing is far more in depth, providing more than "here is what I liked and here is what could be improved." Content editing also suggests ways to rewrite in order to better tell the story. In Beta Reading, I will point out the problems. In Content editing, I will suggest ways to fix those problems.


Writing, Consulting, Coaching


I am also an experienced writer (see my online portfolio) and would love to assist you with your writing needs of any sort, be it a blog post, a devotional, or a longer article. For writing projects, I charge $0.20 per word.


Lastly, if you'd just like to talk about your project, learn about what an agent can do for you, talk through some potential edits, or brainstorm your project, I now offer consultations for $1 per minute. I offer time slots for half an hour and an hour. Please select a time on my Calendly page: Consultations are charged up front through PayPal. 

Graphic Design

For examples of my previous design work, please see my portfolio or view the cover photos for any of my YouTube videos or blog posts.

I charge a rate of $20 an hour, and I charge for the initial consultation to be sure I'm getting you what you need and want.

I am capable of critiquing web sites, creating graphics, book covers, cover photos, flyers, posters, newsletters among many other options. Again, please see my portfolio for examples.

Web Design

In the world where everyone seems to need their own, professional website. If you would like assistance on this front, I have experience working with Wix (as seen in my website), Wordpress, Squarespace, and Weebly.


I also have experience working in Mail Chimp and Flodesk and would love to assist you in your marketing ventures. 

Virtual Assistant and Social Media Managing


Everyone needs a little help sometimes, and I'm here to provide that help. Whether you need marketing your novels, running your social media, answering emails, or doing the other things that get between you and writing, I am here to help. For $20 an hour, I will partner with you to help you get back to the thing you love most: writing. Please send me an email so we can talk through your hopes and how I can help you, so we can decide whether we're a good fit.​


If you're looking for a speaker knowledgable about writing, editing, and publishing, please see the list of possible classes I could teach [link].




My rates are as follows: 

$7 per page for Content Editing

$10 per page for Copy Editing

$10 per page for Proofreading

**An hourly rate will be considered for some projects, starting at $20 an hour.**

$1 per page for Beta Reading

$1 per minute for Consultations

$0.20 per word for Writing Projects

$20 an hour for Design, Web Design, Social Media Managing, or Virtual Assistant work

I define a "page" as a double-spaced, 12 pt, Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins.


Please fill out the form to request a quote or get on my client waitlist.

Beta Reader
Writer, Consultant, Coach
Web Design
Graphic Design
Virtul Assistant

Thanks for reaching out! I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

I look forward to working with you!


Aleigha, Novelist

Jori was extremely helpful when I was struggling with organization of my novel. We talked for 15 minutes about my plot and main conflict. She was able to point out connections in my story that I had not thought of yet. Because of that conversation, I am able to begin again on a novel that has frustrated me for six months.  

Megan, Writer

Jori is a quick learner and accomplished writer/editor. Her skills also extend to website and graphic design where her artistic eye really shines through. She pays attention to the details and offers valuable feedback on manuscripts. Her blog features great insights on the publishing industry, and I'd highly recommend checking it out whether you're a beginning or seasoned writer.

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