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Hire me to do the work for you (see this page for more details for each of these):​

  • One-Time Consultation

  • Marketing Basics

  • Marketing Basics – Extension

  • Cover Design

  • Interior Layout

  • Query Review

  • Retainer Service

  • Prepared for Publishing Package

I do work one on one on behalf of a select number of authors. If you think we would be a good fit, please reach out through the link at Hanna Book Solutions.

To view examples of my past work, please see my portfolio.


Browse available online courses and learn secrets from the publishing industry straight from the mouth of someone who's been involved in it since 2016.

Current featured course:

Platform 101: How to Grow a Platform that Works for You

If you're tired of working tirelessly for one like or a few follows, this is the course for you. I'll lead you through deciding which social media to be active on, determining your posting schedule, helping you decide what content you should create, and then set everything up so you gain lifelong followers while you sleep, eat, play, or work your day job.

Learn More

Payment for this course is available in either a payment plan or a lump sum payment to make this course accessible to you.

Courses will be added as they are created, so if you want to be in the know, this is the best way to do it.

Still not convinced? Check out this ten minute free training about why platform is so important in today's publishing atmosphere.

Hire me to teach you to succeed. I can teach you how to:

  • Edit your own novels and what editors look for

  • Read your writing from the perspective of a reader rather than the perspective of a writer

  • Use free design programs to create your own promotional graphics

  • Create a social media strategy for you to implement to achieve your goals

  • Create a marketing plan and best marketing practices

  • Create and manage your own website using Wordpress, Wix, Weebly, or Square Space.

Other things I'm willing to discuss with you are:

  • How the publishing industry works

  • Your project and directions you might have the best luck taking it in

  • Why platform is necessary and ways you can build yours to fit your needs

  • How to create a personal brand

The list goes on. If you have a question or questions you think I can answer, I will gladly set up a video call with you to chat in a consultation.

Please send me an email to set up a time for a consultation.


This is priced similarly to my One-Time Consultation through Hanna Book Solutions.

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