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3 of My Favorite Audiobook Playlists

If you're anything like me, you're always looking for more books to read. However, if you're like me, you never have enough time to read as many books as you want to. Audiobooks are always a good option for people on the go, or if you have trouble falling asleep and want to listen to something other than music.

The hard thing about audiobooks is getting your hands on them, unless you want to pay money for a subscription to Audible or want to get them from the library. But, if you want an audio book right away, Spotify has a fairly large selection, many of which are in one recording so even if you shuffle a playlist, you can get at least an entire story. So, here are a few Spotify playlists made entirely of audiobooks and other such stories.

What audiobooks have you been listening to? Do you like audiobooks? Let me know in the comments.


J. J. Hanna is attending Taylor University for a degree in Professional Writing. She has published multiple devotions and book reviews and draws comics about a stork named Lenard, and recently started her very own Youtube channel.

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