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Following Passions

I recently finished the book The Fun Formula by Joel Comm. It showed up on the table at school as a book in need of review. As I read the back, I decided it might be a good book for me to read. I'd been coming off of one of the busiest semesters of my college career in which I had zero wiggle room and zero margin. If I slept in past my alarm, my homework didn't get done. If I stayed up late to do homework, I'd be off in my planner for three days. I could see friends at meals and possibly for an hour at night.

If ever there was a time when I was living the "hustle and grind" lifestyle, that was it.

I hated it.

There was no space, and as someone who needs to be able to breathe every once in a while, I would not survive another semester like that. Yet, going into this next semester, I find myself looking down a similarly tight schedule with a familiar dread creeping up on me.

Enter The Fun Formula. In this book, Comm suggests ways to revolutionize how you work by working smarter, shorter hours rather than working as many hours as you can and hoping you get something done. He also suggests that you follow your passions and dreams, doing what you want to do. By doing that you can introduce fun into your work.

I enjoyed this book. It was a really fast, really easy read, and I think it will change how I view my work and how I set up my boundaries.

But, because of this, I am also going to add another passion point into my life.

I've created a second blog.

I have no idea how consistently I'll be able to post on it, but I do look forward to every post I get to put up on there. I will still post as regularly as I can here. This is still my main blog. But I hope you'll going me for a few Coffee Dates and look into the Bible with me.

Thank you for supporting me as I keep looking for my passions. Writing is one of those passions, but only writing about writing is not going to help me pursue my other passions as well. Thanks for sticking along for the ride!


J. J. Hanna is a Professional Writing major at Taylor University. When not writing, she enjoys going to a dojo to practice karate. She also exercises her creative mind through making Youtube videos and drawing comics.

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