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A Christmas Blog

Everyone has traditions around Christmas time. Some people make and decorate cookies, others go out and sing carols. Some don't have many and their only tradition is to wait and open all of their presents on Christmas day. In my book, Existence , there's always a dance after the first snow of the season. My family has always given each other ornaments and we've started opening presents in the days leading up to Christmas, because we just can't sit there and stare at them overflowing the space below our little six foot tree (that goes on top of a box to make it look taller). Traditions are always a fun little shout out to years past, connecting time so that the moment feels timeless. That is the magic of Christmas. Somehow we all know that this gift-giving thing we all do started somewhere and every time we do it we connect ourselves with the past in what seems to be tangible ways. Suddenly it doesn't matter if we're in the twenty first century or pioneering the West, we got that new pair of boots we wanted and felt our family's love. I think this part of Christmas is why we all love it so much. Not necessarily receiving and giving gifts, but showing our friends and family that we love them in a way that would seem a little odd throughout the rest of the year. If someone showed up at your door on May 3 (unless that's your birthday) and handed you a brightly wrapped present just because they wanted to, it would feel a little awkward. So, instead, we wait and give things to everyone in December, because there's a holiday that makes it not awkward. That's because of traditions. Suddenly the same act is acceptable because on this date it's happened throughout hundreds of years. So have a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy the time with your family and friends, take the time out to be available for people, since this time of year only comes around once.

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