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I Love the Cold

With the recent snow storm, I had a realization. I love the cold. Let me make something incredibly clear: I hate being cold. But, I love being in the cold. The cold wakes up the body in ways the heat never can. Heat results in lethargy; cold results in activeness. It wakes up the brain and inspires the body to move. I remember when I started carrying a jacket around with me. It was in my fourth grade classroom, because my teacher refused to turn the heat up. He said it helped us stay awake. I'm sure he was right. It probably did help our little brains function so we were productive, whatever that means for a fourth grader. But, that was fourth grade. I don't remember if his belief about a cold environment was actually true, or if he was just saving money on heat. Another reason that I love the cold is because if you don't have to do anything, the cold implies that you can stay home, curl up in blankets, drink your preference of hot beverage (either tea, coffee, or hot coco), and read a book, watch a movie, or relax. People judge you for staying inside during the summer when the weather is nice, but in the winter, when it's cold, you're allowed—socially—to relax and rest. My favorite thing about the cold, though, is that it makes me feel alive. My body wakes up, I feel more sensitive to my surroundings in a positive way. When I'm slightly chilled, I feel capable of taking on the world, like I could change it, make it better. The cold gives me a positive outlook, like a morning person when you encounter them in the morning. As I go into this week, with the chilly weather outside, I'm excited. I can watch it from the warmth or I can be productive and rest after working. In short, I just really love the cold.

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