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The Floor is Lava

One day this week there was a sophomore retreat. All of the sophomores emptied out and left the rest of the school in our normal classes. This did not affect me that much, I'm only in one class with sophomores. There were three seniors left in the room. As we're sitting around talking about deep subjects, like the difference between truth and honesty, one of my friends suddenly pulls her feet up onto the bottom of the music stand she'd been messing with and shouts, "The floor is lava!" My other friend and I are sitting on the risers, since we are in our choir room, and my teacher pulled her feet up off the floor. My teacher proceeded to tell my friend on the music stand, "You've just secluded yourself. None of us can save you!" My friend laughed, spinning around and keeping her balance on the music stand's base. The friend with me on the risers and I go over to try to find a way to the other rolling desk chair in the room. We figured we could use it as a boat over to our stranded friend. Unfortunately, not even my long arms could reach the rescuing chair without breaking things. We abandoned the effort. With a burst of inspiration, my friend ran across the risers to the door of the class room, and used her foot to push the door open and held it there before she gracefully leapt to the safety that came from being outside the room. "I will save you!" she called as she ran away around the school. And so we waited. And waited. And a few moments later, she returned victorious, riding in a carpet colored chair with wheels that only half worked, being pushed by a friend who had an off period. This friend proceeded to exclaim, "I am a dragon, this lava can not harm me." This was sufficient explanation for why she could walk on the ground, so we went with it. They burst into the room and proceeded to wheel over to the music stand and rescue our stranded friend. Then they came over to me, with two people sitting crouched in the chair, and told me to get on. I realized that a) I wouldn't fit, and b) what was the point? I could leave the room already. Eventually they saw reason. The Dragon proceeded to collect as many stools and chairs as she could find, building a bridge of stepping stools from one end of the risers to the other. We slid across them in our own ways. Some stepped from stool to stool. I slid from one to the other because I know my balance is not good and I wasn't keen on falling into the lava that day. We did this for the rest of the class period. I tell this story because we are seniors in high school. We had time, so we played a game from our youth. We acted like children without any children around forcing us to play with them. And we enjoyed it! It's never too late to play pretend. You're never too old to act childish. And if for any reason you find yourself too stressed out due to life's demands, take a minute and feel free to act like a child. It's a very wonderful feeling.

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