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Lessons from a St. Bernard

I recently had the privelege of spending time with two St. Bernards. Aside from the normal amount or petting and cuddling with them and taking care of their needs, such as feeding and grooming them, I got to take them to an off leash dog park. They've gone to this dog park many times before, and they knew when we were getting close. Once we were inside the gates, they had the time of their lives! I'd never seen two dogs bound and play like they did, running face first into the lake, or chasing each other in circles. It was quite a site to behold. These dogs don't have a large enough yard for them to get up to the speeds they reached at the park, which only meant that they enjoyed themselves that much more. They were the epitome of freedom, bounding up and down the hills, out into feilds, splashing into the lake, swimming after toys that weren't theirs but never taking them. Their tails never stopped wagging. I want to be more like a St. Bernard in that sense. They're big, gentle giants, who just want love and affection. I want the freedom they have, the ability to let themselves go and run and play like a puppy. It's childish freedom without fear of rejection, and even when dogs didn't want to play with them, they were unaffected and just moved on. To be free in that sense, to be able to not care what the world would say or how the world would respond to your actions, would be amazing. Needless to say, after their fun day out, they were exhausted. But this is also a good lesson. After playing all day, they took time for the rest of the night to rest and recover. So many people in the world go and go and go, never taking the time to rest or let themselves simply be in the quiet of solitude. Let's be more like those two St. Bernards. Let's be free, and let's not forget to rest.

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